Friday, July 27, 2012


Mr. Handsome

Our oldest daughter, Am1, and her family is moving back to Delaware this weekend.

Fiddle. AND Faddle.
I was quite very happy having everyone nearby; both daughters and their families were about a 2-hour drive from Tex's and my abode.  Delaware is definitely not within 2 hours from here; it's much, much further than that.

But.  They have told us that they feel this is the best decision for them; and so, we trust that.  AND, we trust Our Lord to cover and protect and to keep them in His Care.

For my friends who believe in prayer, I ask that you please pray for their safe travels this weekend, and that the move and transition goes smoothly.  Thanks so much for that!

On a different topic, the bathroom retiling project continues.
Day 2.

Except now, it's a quasi-complete makeover.  The garden tub and the shower stay; the vanity and cabinets are going to be replaced.  There's a long and somewhat amusing story attached to the reasons for such makeover (and, in actuality, also partly attributable to our decision to tile the floor at this specific point in time); but nutshelling it, recently, there was, uhm, just a bit of water damage to the cabinets. Just a bit, doncha know. OK, more than just a bit. Let's call it a significant amount.

Yesterday was prep work day.
Today, we start laying the tile.
Hopefully, the floor will be completed and walkable by the end of this weekend.

The vanity and cabinets will need to be ordered; so installing them is going to be our next project, in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime (and for the next couple or so weeks), we will be utilizing our guest bathroom - since our master bath is, for the most part, currently a big empty room.

I was thanking Our Lord yesterday for the wonderful blessing of having an extra bathroom.

Which brings me to one final thought here, today.

I encourage you to ask Our Lord to show you the Blessings that He is giving you in your own life.
In fact, I'd love to hear about such blessings!  Feel free to talk about them in the comment section.

Thanks for reading; y'all be blessed!


  1. Certainly praying for your family as they move and you all learn new roles from afar. Thank God for the internet, huh?

    My sister is my biggest blessing lately. She just "gets" me, no matter what. I thank God for her every day. :)

    Good luck on the remodel! You really must share any adventures that happen along the way! Knowing you, there will definitely be adventure. ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing about your sister, Donna. Awesome blessing!

    Adventure? Moi? :)
    Yep, there definitely is an adventure tied to the bathroom floor project . . . but you wouldn't want me to tell it just yet, would you? ;-)

    But. Since you asked, tell it I will . . . in an upcoming blog post.


  3. Hi Shar Mar! Just now catching up on your blog!

    One blessing I have become more aware of than ever is my lovely cousin, Natalie. We reconnected about 8 years ago at a family reunion and found out we were both perusing the same career goals, although she is a ways ahead of me in the licensing process. Over the last 8 years, we have become so close and in fact call each other "sister-cousins". We even share the same lie! Now, we even work together some at the same agency and get to spend lunches together twice a week. I know beyond doubt that God arranged our reconnection all those years ago, and I am more thankful than ever for her.

    Hope your new bathroom project is going well!

    1. Hey Audriana!

      Natalie sounds like such an wonderful sister-cousin!
      What a tremendous blessing from our Lord for both of y'all!

      Thanks for sharing one of your blessings with me!