Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love, Sharmie

Over on Facebook, I'm seeing a lot of profile pictures and covers sporting various Valentine's Day themes, along with different posts about this holiday of love.

Even though, it's two days away, I'll write about Valentine's now; as Thursday promises to be a very busy day for me.

Last year, Tex and I were on a very tight budget . . . and we were also anticipating the last payment to be made on our truck.  It was also a busy time for us.

In trying to make a decision about whether or not to buy the first Season of "Law & Order / SVU", I piqued, "Why don't we just buy it as our communal Valentine's Day gift?  LOL

Kinda weird for a Valentine's Day gift . . . but we were both ok with that; and so that's what we did.  (We eventually bought all the other seasons, one-at-a-time - all except for last years' DVDs - we're still waiting for its release).

And for the ultra curious, we are now in our 4th season of "Star Trek / The Next Generation" . . . one season at a time.

Last night, we decided that we *really* need to replace our travel coffee mugs. Really, we do. It’s time to lay the current ones to rest and to move one.  I imagine we'll be making these purchases sometime soon.

A few minutes later, sitting in the passenger seat as we’re traveling down the interstate, I piped up, "Why don’t we deem the new coffee mugs this year’s Valentine’s gifts to each other?"

There ya go. Romance just sloshing all over the place.


My practical, functional nature shows itself at the strangest times.

But. Tex agreed; and so that’s what we shall do.


I think one of the reasons I’m so pragmatic about Valentine’s Day is that I don’t see it as strictly and only a romantic holiday.  I also hope that couples are expressing their genuine and heartfelt love for each other often and in various ways and not just one day a year.

I see Valentine's Day as a day of all types of LOVE - not just Storge & Eros, but also of Agape and Philia.

I was the little girl who was always so excited to make her own Valentines and who couldn’t wait to give them to her classmates - because I truly did love them, and I wanted them to know that.

And, I still feel that way.  A few decades later, life is a bit busier and sometimes more complicated (sometimes of my own doing; sometimes, simply because of life) . . . but, I still look at Valentine’s Day as a day of Love for everyone.  In fact, perhaps, everyday should be Valentine’s Day . . . afterall, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do - to LOVE one another?

Don’t get me wrong - I’m definitely appreciating all of the cute Valentine’s Day photos and posts over at Facebook, and I’m enjoying all of the ones with romantic slants.  I'm celebrating and encouraging the excitement that my friends are expressing over early gifts and whatnots from their spouses or "special ones".

BUT. *For me* - romance is only part of the equation.   

Sure, this Thursday, I’ll be making lasagna for Tex . . . it’s one of his favorite meals; and that is one way that I can specifically show my husband how much I love him.

But, there’s many more people in the world other than my husband. I hope that I remember to show love to others as well; in wonderful, unique and myriad ways.

What about you? How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Thanks for reading, y'all!

Be blessed.

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