Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Beginnings

The other day I was marveling at the beauty that lies within fresh starts.  The new excitement over glorious possibilities, the gift of proper perspective regarding where to place the past and even the anticipation that accompanies second chances.  All these things hint at promises of new opportunities just waiting to be explored.

And before I knew it, I was writing a great blog post on new beginnings.  Man, it was fantastic!  Too bad the "writing" took place while standing at my sink, washing dishes instead of sitting in front of my laptop, typing.

Tonight, as I try to recreate such the illustrious blog to share my thoughts with y'all, I find myself staring at a blank screen for an inordinate amount of time.  In fact, I think my husband is more than a bit hungry at the moment.   Good thing the lasagna's already cooked.

New beginnings are, indeed, exciting!

Sometimes new beginnings are also intimidating.  For me, anyway.

This blog is a new beginning of sorts.  Within the web of world-wideness, I've created a blog or two or even three over the past dozen or so years; each blog with its own personality and purpose.  For the past few years and most specifically during the past two years, I've been in a bit of a writing hiatus.  I've also been in a bit of a hiatus regarding various other forms of creativity; my calligraphy, for example.

Now it's time to start again.  Start writing again.  Start calligraphing again.  Start creating, in general, again.  Now is the time.  The time to start.  Again.  Now.

I've got a lot of work ahead of me.  Not only do I need to build an inventory of my creative wares, but I also need to build a website so that I can then market such delightful goodies.  And it occurred to me . . . the other day while I was standing in front of the sink, sudsing up the dinner dishes and mind-blogging . . . there are things about websites of which I really do not have an adequate base of knowledge  In some instances, that base is completely absent and quite non-existent.  Put more succinctly - sometimes I'm simply clueless.

And while such matters revolving around website building may not have meant that much to me previously, they now carry great importance for me and I very much desire to properly learn the various ins and outs of creating an absolutely fantastic web abode.  Put more succinctly - I want to get a clue.

So!  My first endeavor will be to learn about websites before I actually create one.  Wow.  What a great concept!  By the way, yes, technically, this blog is a website.  But, in actuality, it's not.  Not really.  This blog is, well, a blog.  By "website", I am specifically referring to an online store.  There ya go.

Onward and upward, doncha know.

I'm pretty excited.  So many possibilities!

AND!  In the meantime, while I'm learning all I can about awesome website building, I can still write . . . which is, after all, what Swirlings is all about.

Thanks for reading; y'all be most abundantly blessed!

See you next time,

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