Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tuesday's Tornadoes

As many of y'all probably know, Dallas was hit with a fierce tornado storm system a couple of days ago.

Click HERE to view a video showing some of the force and resulting damage of just one of the tornadoes (link will open in a new window).  There's also 11 more videos (via the same link) showing various footage of the storms throughout the Dallas area this past Tuesday afternoon.

For those of y'all who have sent an email asking if Tex and I are ok . . . we most definitely are!

Tex, our puppy girls, our daughters' families, the rest of our family, and even our friends - we're all doing very well.  Praises to Jesus!

And Thanks so much for y'all checking on us!

If you have sent an email, do know that I'll be replying to them today (and possibly, tomorrow).

Not everyone fared as well as we did, though; many homes and businesses were destroyed.  Please keep these people in your prayers as they begin to rebuild and go on with their lives.

Also, if you don't have a medical condition preventing you from doing so, please consider donating blood and/or plasma to your local blood bank to help replenish their supplies that may have been sent to the Dallas / Ft. Worth area earlier this week.  For that matter, it's always a good time to donate blood and/or plasma (well, unless you've just recently donated within the past few days).

My thanks to my New York friend, Belle, who reminded me of the importance of blood donations.

Y'all be blessed,


  1. Sharmie,
    So glad you and your loved ones are OK!

  2. Joyce, my friend! Thanks so much for checking; I appreciate it!