Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Photo Introduction of Our Grandkidlettes

I hope everyone had a great and blessed Easter!

Tex and I celebrated our Easter by spending Saturday & Sunday with our daughters, sons-in-law . . . and of course, our 3 awesome grandbabies.

Only, our oldest grandson, Mr. Handsome (who is going to soon be 9), takes exasperated umbridge with me whenever I refer to him as one of my grandbabies.  He emphatically tells me that he's *not* a baby.  Then, I have to grab him and tickle his sides and kiss his neck until he breaks out in giggles.

So, in deference to him, here in Swirlings, I'll *try* to remember to call them our grandkidlettes (well, at least him).  But, I've already decided that none of them are allowed to get any older.  Period.  They're my grandbabies, they always will be my grandbabies and that's simply how it's going to be.  Ooops.  I meant grandkidlettes.

Y'all be blessed!

Little Miss starting her egg hunt - love her bare feet!
My little Bruiser Boy - Mr. Charmer
Mr. Handsome, riding his bike - right towards me!

Here are a few more; the ones of Bruiser Boy & Little Miss were taken about a month ago, when they were visiting Tex and me.

(Now, all I have to do is to learn how to manipulate the placement of the photos exactly where I want them in this blog . . .)

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