Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sister Friends

I love this photo!

It was taken a couple of weeks ago at Am1's going-away party, held at Am2's house.
It's actually a crop of a group family shot.

The "session" was lasting a bit long and goofyness set in.

This is one of the reactions that the girls had to such hilarity.

Am2 is on the left; Am1 is on the right.

Aren't they beautiful?!

I love our daughters.  Absolutely love them.

Day 8:  Master Bath Project

Tex came home from work a couple of hours early yesterday to do some more tiling.  I think we'll have the floor all completely laid by the end of today.  He thinks that we can probably start grouting it on Saturday.

It's taken a bit longer than either one of us had planned; but, at the start of this, we didn't know that we would be ordering a new vanity and new cabinets; a two-day process, in and of itself.  Plus, softball, puppy girls and various other aspects of The Tex and Sharmie Show interspersed in and amongst tiling time has made this a bit of an extended project.

We did get our cabinets and vanity ordered.  We ordered the cabinets from Lowes.  There's a 4-week delivery on them, and a 2-week delivery on the vanity; so we should be able to have our bathroom completely put back together by the end of this month, or perhaps the beginning of September.  We decided to go with a mom-and-pop company for our vanity.  The cost of the vanity was almost half of what Lowes quoted us; the mom-and-pop pours their vanities on-site, while Lowes contracts that aspect out to various not-very-local businesses (hence the main reason for the significant price difference).

Lowes is a great company; that's not questionable at all.

But, as I'm sure some of y'all already know this about me, I big supporter of mom-and-pop small businesses; they helped build this country and I like to try to support them whenever possible.

In the meantime, we no longer have a master bedroom.  We have a work area with a bed in the middle of it.  Tools, buckets, rags and boxes of tile is the decorating theme.

We also no longer have a guest bedroom.  Instead, we have a clothes pile room.

It's amazing how one room . . . our master bathroom (that also has our closet in it) . . . can affect almost the entire house.

The living room table behind our sofa now proudly displays our bathroom towels (because there wasn't any room for them in the guest bathroom).  The guest bedroom is now home for all of our clothes (ironically, most of them are Tex's) - clothes hanging in the closet  . . . and a  M O U N D  of clothes, still on their hangers, laying on the bed.  Some of our bathroom stuff is in the guest bathroom; some of it is in the guest bedroom.

Oh.  My.  Word!

How in the world did a minimalist like me come to be surrounded by so much stuff?  Ha!
I blame Tex.  Yep, that's the ticket.

Hmmm.  Maybe not.  As I look to my left, while sitting in my studio, I see the closet (that intentionally doesn't have any doors because I've put wall-mounted shelving in the closet).  Inside the closet I notice some of my skirts hanging on the rod (in an itty-bitty area that I left unshelved).  And, if I look behind me while sitting at my desk, I can see various non-studio items temporarily residing on my drafting table while waiting to be reunited with their proper places within our bedroom or bathroom; some of them are my things, some are Tex's; some of the things are both of ours.  Now.  if I can only come up with some creative project for that container of waterbed valves and similar paraphernalia . . .

So, uhm, I guess I can't blame it all on Tex, now , can I?
Fiddle.  I was so hoping to appear completely innocent in this matter.

It's a beautiful day here in Dallas, today!  Right now, it's 77(F).  It's expected to climb up to around 103 later on.  My desktop widget tells me that it's currently 37 in Jackson Hole.  Yep.  I've got a weather widget for my local home and one for my heart home.  You Jacksonites . . . I'm watching y'all!

Wherever y'all are today in this great big world, I hope you have an awesome and blessed day.

Thanks for reading!

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