Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sometimes a rock is just a rock

I had my appointment yesterday for the MRI followup.

And, without futher adieu, everything is fine.  My doctor said that other than the calcified tumor, there was nothing else that showed up in the MRI (well, hopefully, they did find a brain, but that's a whole 'nuther blog post).  She told me to come back in a year or two so she could make sure that the tumor was indeed not growing (calcified tumors *rarely* grow).  Oh, and she also said there wasn't any tissue swelling around the tumor (a *very* good thing, indeed), so she didn't see any reason why I would need surgery.  Additionally, the tumor was not negatively affecting anything.

Good news all the way around!  Thank You, Lord!
The cool thing in all of this is that for the vast majority of the time while we were waiting these past several weeks, I didn't really give "it" that much thought.  Periodically, a thought or two would swirl around my grey matter; but it just wasn't a big looming thing in my life.  THAT's the Peace of Our Lord, and it's a wonderful, precious gift!

I also told Tex that there was a part of me that was just a bit dissapointed that nothing showed up on the MRI (other than the rock rolling around in my head.  OK, it doesn't really roll; it's located in one specific spot).  To explain, just like the other MRIs that I have had (most of those being in my early to late 20s), nothing showed up to explain the "why" of the seizures.  My doctor did said that it was possible that the tumor had been there all these years and just now decided to manifest itself . . . but the tone of her voice indicated that while it was possible, it most likely was not actuality.  I tend to agree with such a scenario not being reality.

So.  Where did the seizures come from in the first place?  Why did I start having seizures?  Who knows?  I'll probably never know for sure.  That's actually part of the mystery of most seizure disorders in the first place.  Seizures happen.  Sometimes an explanation can be given; often times, however, there simply are no answers.  There ya go.

In related "news", I've been following the GARD eating program for 8 weeks + 4 days.  One of the most noticeable effects that I have noticed is that the dizziness has drastically decreased!  This is awesome!  There is still *some* dizziness; but it is occasional and not nearly as severe.  I began noticing the difference about 3 weeks into following GARD.

Currently, I have been seizure-free for 13 weeks + 5 days.  I checked the seizure history on my calendar; and the longest seizure-free time period just within the past 14 months has been 16 weeks + 5 days.  The longest seizure-free time period within the past 3.5 years has been 19 weeks + 1 day.  My hope is that the 13+ weeks that I currently have under my seizure-free belt will continue to add more and more days, with those days turning into weeks, months and even many, many years.

Onward and upward!

My thanks to all of y'all who have been praying for me and who have been covering me with your love and support.  I so very much appreciate it!

Thanks for reading!
Be blessed,

p.s.  I told my doctor about GARD and also told her that if I remained seizure-free for a year, then I was going to assume that GARD was working for me; but if I do have a seizure before next October, I will come back in to see her and re-evaluate things.  What I didn't say (but what I know that she clearly heard) was that as long as GARD was working for me, then there was absolutely no way that I would even consider anti-seizure meds.  Her laugh told me that she had heard everything I said; both what I had verbalized and what I implied but left unsaid.  I was prepared to be more direct regarding my stance against anti-seizure meds; but she's a smart cookie, has a good memory and caught on very well with what exactly I was relating to her.   

I really like this doctor.  She disagrees with my stance regarding anti-seizure meds (but unless a doctor is a naturopath, I imagine they would disagree with me) . . . BUT, she doesn't talk condescendingly to me regarding my views and she respects them.  I like that.  So VERY much!

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