Tuesday, November 13, 2012

B8, B9, B10 -and- B13

Last Wednesday, after Tex got home from work, the plan was that he was going to play chauffeur and take me to Am2's house for a few days.
That was the plan.

By Wednesday, I realized that I needed to stay home and get some sleep, so we delayed the trip until the next day.

And.  I'm very glad I did - I needed the extra time to decompress from the previous few days.
(BTW, our roof is done - YAY!  The workers finished Thursday afternoon.  They did a great job, too!)

So!  Thursday afternoon, we packed up the truck.  "We" being Tex.  Not Tex and I.  Just Tex.  There ya go.  Hey!  I did all the packing; doesn't that count for something?  And, just to let y'all know, I have not mastered the art of traveling light when going to spend a few days with Am2.  Me - a minimalist - over-packing.  Go figure.

We arrived just in time for a scrumptious pot roast dinner that Am2 had prepared  . . . hey, do we know how to plan things or what?!

After a few hours, Tex and I kissed each other goodbye, and he drove back home.

The next few days, I was able to hang out with Am2 and play grandma to Little Miss and Bruiser Charmer Boy.  It was awesome; lots of baby snuggles and laughters and good conversation with Am2.  And, even though I didn't get to spend a lot of time with MichiganBoy (work duties and such), it was nice to see him and share some time with him, as well. 

Saturday was the Big Day!  Even though Little Miss' birthday was yesterday, we celebrated it on Saturday.  She had a Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party; and beforehand, kept reminding us that there was going to be a party.  HER party.  Ha!

Tex arrived, with his mother and a family friend.  Even though it was only a few days that we had been apart, it was so good to see him.  I always enjoy my visits with Am2 and entourage . . . and I always enjoy seeing Tex when he comes to take me back home.

I knew I would probably not have much time to do any world-wide webbing while away from home last week . . . so I decided to delay posting last Thursday - Saturday's Blessings posts.

Today's post is a conglomerate of those 3 days.

I love my family.  My husband, our daughters, our sons-in-law and our grandkidlettes - along with our other family members that encompasses the total umbrella of Tex's family.

I mentioned it yesterday, but it bears repeating . . . I love, absolutely love, being a grandma to Mr. Handsome, Little Miss and Bruiser Charmer Boy; and I consider it a deep honor and priviledge to be allowed this opportunity.  I also deeply love both of our daughters, Am1 and Am2.  They often refer to me as their mother, in some form or fashion.  I am truly humbled.  Their own mother is still alive; and I never want to intrude upon or disrespect that.  That both Am1 and Am2 are happy to have 2 mothers in their lives blesses me deeply.

Marrying Tex was so wonderful, in and of itself.  I love that he is my husband and that I am his wife.  I treasure our marriage and daily thank Our Lord for him and for our marriage.

I didn't just "gain" a husband 2.5+ years ago, I received an entire family. 

I didn't really have a family when I was growing up, so being so readily accepted as mom and grandma is a blessing that I'll probably never adequately be able to convey the tremendous impact it has had on my life.  I love our daughters deeply.  And, I truly don't think of them as my step-daughters; they are simply and fully daughters. 


Moving on to current time . . .

. . . Today is the inaugural of my 49th year on this merry-go round we call life.

I am so very thankful for my life; I am so thankful that Our Lord created me and gave me such life.

I often miss the mark, but my goal truly is to live my life in a manner that will bring Glory and Honor to Him and that will encourage and edify others.

So, here's to y'all!  Thank you for being a part of my life.
And thanks for reading.
May Our Lord abundantly bless each of y'all,


  1. OH MY WORD! First of all, I teared up on this one. Second of all, THANK YOU for being willing to accept US! so there and third of all, I LOVE YOU! Finally, I just realized (in reading this post) that yesterday was your day of birth AND that I forgot to call you. I knew that it was your birthday and the ENTIRE day I felt like I was forgetting something but COULDNT figure out what on earth it was. Well there ya go I figured it out and with all of that being said, I AM SO SORRY! and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY you wonderful person you! I love you!!!!!!!

    Love Amberle

    1. Oh fiddle, Amberle . . . you're not late; you're just extending my birthday.
      Thanks for the Happy Birthday!
      Love, hugs and other happy stuff to you, my dear!